What is the new normal for business? It is being:


in creating a safe and secure environment for your visitors, customers and staff.


as to new rules and regulations that are enacted on an almost daily basis.


in your responsibility to adapt to these changes for the success of your business.

BetterMaps helps you start down the road to economic recovery by helping you to provide your visitors with
tools that help you and your business become more proactive, informed and resolute.

Let us help your business thrive in the new normal.

Who we serve

From a single Zoo in Oklahoma to a Shopping Mall Operator with dozens of locations.

Healthcare, tourism, colleges, parks…even cities and towns need to adapt to the new normal. Consumer behavior is changing as fast as the new rules for social distancing. We stay ahead of the curve by providing a platform that can change as fast as your visitor’s needs. Click on the industries below to see how we can tailor a low-cost solution for you and your customers. Let’s start by mapping your location for free.


Our solutions are designed to increase engagement.

Customers, more than ever, do not want to wander around. They need concise directions and access to emergency services. BetterMaps helps you provide your visitors with a better sense of security. Open direct lines of communication. Send the latest sales information, notify of upcoming events or deliver developing news. See how our services are tailored to increasing the relationship between you and your customers.

Covid - 19 Solutions
Social distancing and maximum occupancy are here to stay. Get compliant today!
We provide micromapping for your location, then deliver point-to-point directions using our own mapping
Push Notifications and Ads
Send your visitors updates, news items and other important information in a timely manner –we put you in
Send your customer reminders to wear masks and social distance before they walk through the door. Send
sales and specials based on location or time of day.
Digital Conversation
They’re your customers, so talk to them…even after they have left your location.
Integrated Billing
We don’t want to recreate the wheel, which is why we work with most ecommerce solutions.
Knowing more about what your customer does at your location is the key to advancing the relationship and
increasing sales.