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Hospitals will open up to visitors in the near future, and the last thing a visitor needs to do is get lost or be wandering around a hospital or care center.

Not only that, but your care facility needs to ensure mask wearing and social distancing for both patients and visitors at all times. BetterMaps will map out your entire location – or locations, and provide point to point directions and updates so that everyone stays safe. Visitors could also receive messages before they even enter the facility to make sure they are wearing masks and adhering to all Covid-19 rules, allowing you to remain focused on the task at hand: saving lives.

BetterMaps creates a customized digital map that details your hospital or health care center, as well as the surrounding area. The app is easy to download and use. Best of all it is a branded app, showing your facility’s name, logo and visual identity.

Your new app can:

  • List and search for floors and specific areas such as ICU or ER waiting rooms
  • Provide walking directions to elevator banks, bathrooms and information desk
  • Send information and updates to visitors in real time
  • Realize when too many people are in a certain area and warn staff to help
  • Send reminders to wear masks and to adhere to social distancing guidelines

BetterMaps provides your visitors with digital tools that create a safer, more secure environment, while increasing comfort and confidence for visitors and patients. Reduce your environmental impact, increase overall satisfaction and remain Covid-19 compliant.

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