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Paper is wasteful and they can’t be updated quickly. They use natural resources and they contain ink, which is environmentally unfriendly.

BetterMaps will digitally map your location and provide your visitors point-to-point directions that are accessed right from their phones. All this while providing you with increased sales and upsell opportunities.

BetterMaps creates a customized digital map specifically for your park that is easy to download and use. Best of all it is a branded app, showing your logo, colors and visual identity.

Your new app can:

  • List animals, sea life, rides, attractions, stores and restaurants
  • Send instant updates for merch sales, attraction/ride upsell and food specials
  • Allow parents to see where their children are located within the park
  • Walking directions from anywhere to anywhere in the park
  • Allow you to turn on/off paths as necessary (closed ride/attraction or cleaning)
  • Route people away from an exhibit that is too crowded
  • Automatically direct visitors to line formations
  • Allow staff to see location of all visitors at all times
  • Direct visitors to their vehicle at the end of the day

BetterMaps provides your visitors with digital tools that create a safer, more secure environment, while increasing comfort and confidence in your business. Reduce your environmental impact, increase satisfaction and be Covid-19 compliant.

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