Digital Conversation

Send alerts, deliver upcoming specials and keep them updated on future events. Integrate gamification and other activities to increase customer touchpoints. Develop a relationship for the long-term with BetterMaps.

  • Schools can interact with visitors for events, shows, parent’s day, etc., then receive feedback right after the event.
  • Zoos and aquariums can provide specific information on feeding times and experiences. Sell unsold inventory to visitors in real time. Sudden closures? Simply send a message to inform your visitors of when the attraction will reopen, BetterMaps will reroute them to a different ride or experience.
  • Cities can provide courthouse and DMV information, directions and up-to-date notifications.
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities need their employees to handle more urgent matters. We can map your visitors exactly where they need to go. Reduce stress levels and smooth movement throughout your facility.
  • Tour guide operators can map points of interest before the tour begins. They can even receive tips or donations automatically at the end of the tour. Have some wandering tourists? See where they are right on your phone. You can even send messages to their phones to get back to the bus!