Tour Operator & Guides


Tour operators and their guides can provide digital maps to their customers that will show them where they will be going that day.

Tourists can then click on their current location, open up the camera and take pics and movies that will embed in the map. Later, they can share their experience with their friends – all through your app. Don’t lose anyone or allow them to slow the group – guides can see group member’s location at all times, and be able to communicate with them through the app.

BetterMaps creates a customized digital map specifically for you and your guides that is easy to download and use. Best of all it is a branded app, showing your logo, colors and visual identity.

Your new app can:

  • List locations, restaurants, sites, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Send instant updates to your group in real-time
  • Allow parents to see where their children are at all times
  • Group members can see map at all times, reducing chance of getting lost
  • You have complete control of maps and can change/alter at will
  • Allow guides (and even internal staff) to see groups at all times
  • Guides can even receive tips at the end of the tour directly to your paypal or other account
    – we don’t touch any of your money

BetterMaps provides your visitors with digital tools that create a safer, more secure environment, while increasing comfort and confidence in your business. Reduce your environmental impact, increase satisfaction and get Covid-19 compliant.

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