Indoor & Outdoor Malls

People can’t wait to get back to their favorite malls, but they want to feel safe and secure while they shop.

BetterMaps helps you to create a safe, secure environment for your shoppers while increasing revenue potential for you and your tenant stores.

BetterMaps will digitally map your location, providing your visitors with the latest technology that will enable better navigation and safety, and providing you and your tenants with increased sales and upsell opportunities.

BetterMaps creates customized digital maps for indoor and outdoor malls that are easy to download and use. Best of all it is a branded app, showing your logo, colors and visual identity.

Your new app can:

  • Provide a listing and search function for all stores and restaurants
  • Open an additional revenue source selling ad inventory to your tenants
  • Allow parents to see where their children are located within the mall
  • Walking directions from location to location in and around the mall
  • Provide staff with full control of mapping, stores, ads, etc. from web-based admin tool
  • Automatically warn or route people away overcrowded areas
  • Direct visitors to line formations or have them signup for times to visit stores
  • Allow staff to see location of all visitors at all times
  • Notify visitors of upcoming sales and specials when they are offsite
  • Direct visitors to their vehicle at the end of the day

BetterMaps provides your visitors with digital tools that create a safer, more secure environment, while increasing comfort and confidence in your business. Reduce your environmental impact, increase satisfaction and be Covid-19 compliant.

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