City Landmarks, Parks & downtown areas


Cities, towns and municipalities all need to provide safe and secure access to courthouses, visitor centers and parks. BetterMaps will map your downtown, parks and tourist attractions, healthcare services, local businesses and points of interest.

Let’s get everyone walking through the most beautiful parts of your town, reducing pollution, congestion while increasing visitor satisfaction. They can also create their own points of interest and share them with other people around town. Courthouse closed? Need to redirect people paying parking tickets or waiting for passports? Just send them a message with walking directions to any location, instantly. With BetterMaps you have complete control of local foot traffic and information, in a timely fashion.

BetterMaps creates a customized digital map that encompasses your town center, parks and recreation areas that is easy to download and use. Best of all it is a branded app, showing your city’s name and visual identity.

Your new app can:

  • List courthouses, places of worship, parks, rec areas, and local businesses
  • Send information, updates and offers to visitors in real time
  • Allow visiting parents to connect and see their children at all times through their phones
  • Create a digital relationship with locals and visitors
  • See crowds starting to form, send out messages to reroute or disperse people
  • Send reminders to wear masks and to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Send out reminders for city events, markets and happenings around town

BetterMaps provides your visitors with digital tools that create a safer, more secure environment, while increasing comfort and confidence in your city’s ability to remain diligent. Reduce your environmental impact, increase visitor satisfaction and get Covid-19 compliant for everyone.

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